Store Global State Variables

Ever build a JavaScript app and find there are certain variables you need to access in various places throughout the code? If you’re doing it right, you’ve smartly designed your app in a modular, decoupled fashion - yup, check. One way of using variables across these decoupled components is to pass them from one function to another, effectively pushing them down a daisy-chain as needed. This is not always the best way because said variables are only accessible at the time when a function is fired. An alternative to this approach is to use JSON to store your variables in a global object.

var globalVars = {
  "miliseconds": "5000",
  "turtleFarts": "1.3"
  "laserBeams": 3

var getTurtleFartsPerSecond = function(){
  var tfps = globalvars.turtleFarts / (global.miliseconds / 1000)
  return tfps;

var getPiLaserBeamsPerSecond = function(){
  var PiL = (Math.PI * global.laserBeams) / (global.miliseconds / 1000)